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Reactive dog training near me
Reactive dog classes near me
Rescue Dog Trainer Near Me

Rescue dog support in Redhill, Surrey

Helping UK & overseas rescue dogs adjust to their new life.

Rescue dogs are wonderful

Whether it be an overseas rescue dog or an UK rescue, welcoming a rescue do into your life is one of the most selfless things anyone can do.

However some rescue dogs have had a hard start in life, which can bring unexpected challenges into your life almost overnight.

​Helping your rescue dog adjust to their new life requires time and a proper understanding of what the issues are.

Working with a dog trainer who is experienced with rescue dogs can really in the long-term.

But they can bring unique challenges

​Most overseas rescues have had a drastically different learning experience compared to UK dogs, this often causes behavioural issues that confuse and frustrate owners.  Resolving these issues often requires a different approach to traditional training.

That is why in 2022, I became a 'Romanian Rescue Pro Trainer' learning from the wonderful Meesh Masters.  The purpose of this course was to help me learn more about the unique personalities and behaviour quirks that overseas rescue dog come with.

Rescue Dog Support Near Me

"We approached Anthony as we were having behavioural issues with our rescue dog, Bruno. We contacted many other dog trainers in our area but we went with Anthony because we felt he actually cared about getting to the bottom of Bruno’s issues.  Without Anthony we would not have learnt what we have about Bruno and what he needs. We would not have known what to do to help him and we would be in a completely different situation.

We started off with not being able to have visitors in our home, difficulties with Bruno socialising with other dogs and even some issues with Bruno being uncomfortable with me, his owner.  We now have a relaxed dog at home. He is able to enjoy cuddles on the sofa with both his owners and relax. We are able to have guests in our home as Anthony has taught us how to signal to Bruno that the person coming into the home is safe. Bruno is also starting to enjoy interacting with other dogs again.

We cannot recommend Anthony highly enough. He has so much knowledge that has honestly transformed our lives with Bruno.

We have already recommended Anthony to friends of ours and we will continue to recommend him to anyone else!"

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Rescue Dog Training Prices

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4 Training Sessions

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6 Training Sessions

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8 Training Sessions

Benefits of 1 to 1 Dog Training

Tailored Training

Your puppy training program will be tailored to you and your puppy. This means we focus on the areas that you want to focus on.

Flexible Booking System

Training sessions are booked via our easy to use, online booking system that allows you to schedule your sessions at a time that works for you - including weekends!!

Members Area

To help you get the most out of your training, we offer a free members area that gives you access to training guides, private community all via our own app!

Lifetime Support

When you work with me, you'll get free, lifetime support via WhatsApp/text/email for as long as you want it.

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