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About Me

Anthony Lennard - Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

ABTC dog trainer near me

Helping owners

My experience with Tywin, showed me first-hand just how stressful and lonely it can be when you live with a dog who struggles with living in our world.  That is why I decided to setup Buttons & Leash Dog Training & Behaviour, to help owners (and their dogs) who find themselves in a similar situation to the one I found myself in.

My aim is to give owners a place where they can come for advice, support and solutions to their dogs’ behavioural issues without feeling judged, stupid or unheard.  When it comes to my training methods, I only use force-free, ethical training methods.

If you decide to work with me, I promise that I will do the best for you and your dog. That means I will give you the best and most realistic training advice to help you. I won’t judge you for previous mistakes or make you do things that you find uncomfortable.

If you’d like to chat about your dog training needs, I’d love to hear from you.

Dog behaviourist near me

Want to chat?

If you'd like to discuss your dog training needs, why not book a free, no-pressure, 30 minute discovery call with me?

From a young age I have always enjoyed being around dogs.  However, it wasn't until the unexpected arrival of my first dog Tywin and his subsequent behavioural issues, that I took a big interest in dog training & behaviour – specifically anxious dogs & chronic pain in dogs.

Since becoming qualified with the ABTC, PACT & IMDT, I have started to specialise in working with reactive and anxious dogs.  This has led to me becoming a qualified Dynamic Dog Practitioner, which means I have received special training to help owners identify underlying pain and discomfort that could be causing or making a dog’s behavioural issues worse.

Working with dogs who have anxiety or chronic pain has become my passion. I understand how challenging it can be for owners to see their beloved pets struggle, and my goal is to provide them with the tools and support they need to help their dogs lead happier, more comfortable lives. My approach is compassionate and science-based, focusing on positive reinforcement and a thorough understanding of each dog's unique needs.

Dog Behaviourist Near Me
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