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"Anthony has been amazing! We would not have got through some really difficult moments without him, even knowing he was at the end of the phone was a great comfort.  Polly is nearly 6 months old now and has made so much progress considering how poorly she has been. All credit due to Anthony the way he taught her and genuinely cared for her. A lot of work still to do on her but we have amazing foundations now and look forward to seeing Anthony again in a couple of months. Polly loves Anthony Xx"

1 to 1 Puppy Training Features

Booking System

Schedule your sessions at a time convenient for you.

That includes weekends!

Bespoke Training

A clear, detailed plan helping you achieve your goals.

Supported with videos & in-depth guides.

Members Area

You'll get access to a free members area with training guides, discounts & more.

All via our app!

Lifetime Support

Support before, during and after our sessions.

Via WhatsApp, email or our private Facebook group.

Want to chat?

If you'd like to discuss your puppy training needs, why not book a free, no-pressure, 30 minute discovery call with me?

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Puppy Training Prices



Payment plans available

3 Training Sessions



Payment plans available

5 Training Sessions



Payment plans available

7 Training Sessions

1 to 1 Puppy Training in Redhill, Surrey

Get your puppy off to the best possible start with our tailored 1 to 1 puppy training programs.

Puppyhood is more than just managing bitingtoilet training, and obedience. It's about preparing your puppy for the outside world.  Many behavioural issues in older dogs trace back to their early days. Problems like fearfulness, frustrated greeting, and severe anxiety often start in puppyhood and worsen over time.​​


As a qualified trainer and behaviourist, I have worked with hundreds of puppies, dogs & their owners, to resolve a variety of issues.  This has allowed me to identify the most common challenges faced by owners and how they can be prevented in puppyhood.

I only use positive reinforcement and ethical training methods. I do not use aversive tools like choke chains and shock collars, as well as the use of fear or pain.

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