Reactive Dog Specialist

Helping owners of fearful, frustrated, anxious and aggressive dogs, overcome behavioural issues and achieve long lasting results.

Available in Redhill, Surrey & surrounding areas.

Reactive Dog Specialist

Helping owners of fearful, frustrated, anxious and aggressive dogs, overcome behavioural issues and achieve long lasting results.

Available in Redhill, Surrey & surrounding areas

Life with a dog should be fun, but that isn't always the case

We all have dreams of owning the perfect dog, one that is great on walks and in the home, sociable with other dogs and well-mannered around people.

Unfortunately, those dreams don’t always become reality and you can be left with a dog whose behaviour limits your life and causes you daily stress.

Whether it be dreading the walk due to non-stop pulling and non-existent recall. Or long-term anxiety due to your dog’s aggressive behaviour towards people or dogs.

The behaviour you struggle with is your dog’s way of telling you that they are struggling with something and just like you, they require help.

What is your biggest struggle right now?

I've been where you are

When Tywin came into my life, I had no idea the challenges he would bring. From dealing with the fallout of the treatment inflicted on him by the breeder to unravelling the seemingly endless list of medical issues that affected his behaviour. It’s safe to say that without Tywin, I wouldn’t be doing this job.


Living with a “difficult” dog has given me first-hand experience of just how limiting a dog’s behaviour can be and just how frustrating, upsetting and stressful it can make you feel.


But it doesn’t need to be like that.


By offering tailored 1 to 1 dog training & behaviour support, I help owners achieve long lasting behavioural change with their dogs.

These changes take time and commitment, but they aren’t impossible.


If you’d like help with your dog, I’d love to hear from you.

One of my favourite client reviews

Anita & Bentley | Belgian Malinois

"I would like to thank Anthony for helping me and my dog Bentley. Bentley is definitely a better dog. He's not stressed, more relaxed and happier. I can now have other dogs in the house. I can walk where other dogs are. And many more things he can now do. Would I recommend Anthony? Definitely without a second thought. Thank you so very much"

1 to 1 dog training can help you

The key to resolving your dog’s behaviour is to understand what is causing it. Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as giving your dog a treat or shouting no!

Nor is it a 1 size fits all approach. Every dog will respond to situations differently.

Sometimes their response can leave you confused and lost.

This is where 1 to 1 dog training can help you.

By working together, we can identify the root cause(s) of your dogs behaviour and implement specific changes that should give you long lasting behaviour improvements.

Benefits of 1 to 1 Dog Training

1 to 1 Dog Training near me

Convenience & Flexibility

​Training sessions can be booked at a time to suit you via our online booking system & our own app.

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Bespoke Training Plans

1 to 1 dog training allows you to receive advice and training that is tailored to you and your dog!

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100% Trainer Focus & Attention

Working 1 to 1 with a dog trainer, means you will get my undivided attention and support during your sessions.

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About Me - anthony lennard

Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

To find out how I became a dog trainer and behaviourist, the training methods I use and previous cases I have worked on, use the button below.

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the process

1. Free Discovery Call

It all starts with a free, 30 minute discovery call. During this call we will discuss your training needs, goals and a brief behavioural history of your dog.

2. Sign Up

Once you have chosen your preferred training plan, our easy signup process, allows you to book your initial session within just a few clicks.

3. Training Begins

Once you've booked your initial session, you will receive homework tailored to your training needs. I may also ask you to gather evidence if needed.

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book your free call

If you'd like to discuss your training needs, why not book a free, 30 minute discovery call.

I'd love to hear from you.